joke vest amount (jkndrkn) wrote in lisp,
joke vest amount

Lisp in Production Systems

Hello Friends

My road to Lisp started with a personal desire to learn Lisp due to its historical significance and recent renewed interest. The quality and clarity of Practical Common Lisp and the writings of Paul Graham were strongly motivating factors. I learned Lisp and began using it to solve problems in graduate level courses where the choice of implementation language was left to students, and was eventually motivated to use Lisp in its traditional role by taking a number of AI courses.

I have a fairly solid understanding of the language and how to solve problems using it. However, my projects are relatively small and self-contained and do not interact with the outside world. I would like to develop some experience interfacing with the web and producing code that follows conventions frequently seen in modern Lisp production environments.

What is the best way to go about learning the particulars of production-ready Lisp? It seems that the common route is to create some kind of web application and ensure that it follows conventions that make it easy for other experienced Lisp programmers to extend and redeploy. I've also long held a desire to program a super nerdy customization-heavy turn based combat strategy game. Are there any solid and portable free graphics packages that work well with Lisp?

How have you been introduced to Lisp in production systems?
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