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pop langs website ranking

while doing my website's traffic report, i did some research on major computer lang or tech website ranking. Here's the result ranked by alexa.com (some non-lang tech sites are given just for comparison):

Php.net             550  (largely due to online doc and forum)
sun.com             900  (java doc and forum)
java.com           1122
slashdot.com       1223  (forum)
Mysql.com          1296  (online doc, forum)
gnu.org            7328  (massive docs, mailing list archives)
wolfram.com        9065  (online doc, mathworld etc)
Python.org         9410  (python doc and prob forums)
Perl.org          26067  (perl doc, forum)
paulgraham.com    48153  (lisp bigwig, but huh?)
Perl.com          49104
haskell.org      118703
novig.com        130568  (lisp bigwig)
franz.com        292598
lispworks.com    377906   (common lisp doc)
Gigamonkeys.com  529551   (pop common lisp book)
schemers.org     880284

The list is not that surprising.

Many top ones are due to the popularity of the lang, but also because their site hosts the lang's documentation and discussion forum (or wiki,blogs). Hosting a web forum are likely to increase traffic some 10 or 100 fold.


• paulgraham.com is unusually high. What's up with that?

• python.org at 9k seems also unusally high, compare that perl.org with online doc and forum is only 26k. Python.org has mailing list archives... maybe blogs too but am not sure it has forums... still the gab seems surprising. Even perl is not much talked about these days, but i'm guessing its market share is at least still 10 or 100 times of python...

If any one so wishes, add entries to the above list.
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Gee, what a valid, relevant and worthwhile methodology of examining ... what?

*leaves community*

For Perl, you should chart cpan.org, not perl.org. Most of the language that is perl is on cpan. Also, Paul Graham's website is high because he writes essays about programming rather than Lisp specifically (also, he finally released Arc, which is probably causing a surge).

you are right about perl.

for paul's site, am not sure. if you check history
his sites starts to get way popular during 2006-2007 (much higher then today). Also, the recently arc release... but the main arc forum and site have its own domains...

i thought maybe due to his businessman aspect many business news sites might link him... and of course he's a popular among tech for his essays... but even given these... i still think it's still high.

so I wouldn't be that surprised.

but really this is irrelevant... I see no link regarding VBA.....

Which unfortunately probably has more lines of code programmed in and more clueless programmers trying it. Doesn't make it better.

Some languages are better suited for certain tasks but usually its about what skills and tools you already know.