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Spamming far and wide

cl-php is out, in somewhat embryonic form.

It's the start of a library that will hopefully make it as easy to write web apps in CL as it is in PHP. Ambitious, but all worthwhile goals are.
Currently, it's only guaranteed to work on SBCL on Linux, because that's my development platform, and it only covers the cases I've needed myself so far.

The versioning is a bit out of whack; it's marked 1.2.1, where 0.1.21 would be more apt, but I called it 1.0 when it became sufficient for my own purposes. The next public release will probably be 0.2, just to confuse everybody.

Do feel free to play with it and let me know where it broke. It can use Postmodern, CLSQL or both, but I'm personally biased towards the former, so the CLSQL-related stuff is disabled by default.
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