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Tips for hosting in Europe?

Does anybody here have any experience with hosting SBCL on real or virtual servers in Europe?

I've discovered the hard way that Xen is the only virtual server system that plays well with SBCL. Budget Dedicated have been doing a reasonable job with Xen so far, but the website's responsiveness just ain't there. I'm getting the itch to move to dedicated hardware (just as everybody's going the other way); anybody have any tips?

I refuse to use USA-based hosting, because "adult" content is involved, and I don't need politically-motivated trouble from there, any more than I need it from here in Australia. At worst, I'll hire a server here until/unless I get actual problems, but I really don't need to scramble in response to a take-down notice.

So... any tips? A quick initial search has turned up EasySpeedy, which looks promising.

[Edit: FlexiScale also looks good. Might just test their offering and report back.]
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